Semen Leaking : Why Does Your Semen Leak All The Time?

If you have been suffering from semen leaking recently but you have not taken it seriously stop right here. Semen leaking is a serious problem which if not taken seriously may have some very serious consequences on a man’s life . So if you have been facing semen leakage you must find a suitable treatment for you.

The medical term for semen leaking is spermatorrhea which is involuntary discharge of semen without a strong sexual stimulation. Spermatorrhea can occur when sleeping, while passing urine or stool and while getting minimal sexual stimulation like the touch of a woman or while talking to a beautiful woman.

More than a million of men suffer from semen leaking around the world. For most of these men sharing this problem with their partners or parents and friends becomes very difficult. On the contrary doctors suggest that one should never underestimate this problem. Otherwise it may give birth to other major complications. This problem can lead to some very serious health issues and relationship issues.

Leakage of sperm is a common male sexual problems. This condition is not only annoying but can also cause many health problems. It was noted that the excessive leakage of semen can lead to problems such as fatigue, back pain, hair loss, pain in testicles, pelvis cramping and a burning sensation after urination. It can also cause some unpleasant sexual disorders like premature ejaculation, weak erection and sexual weakness. So if you suffer from leakage of sperm, to be treated before it affects your relationship or marriage. Before looking into treatment options for leakage of semen, you must understand what the cause of this problem. It can be caused by several different factors.

Semen leakage can occur for a number of reasons, some more common than others. One cause of semen leakage that most males will likely experience during their lifetimes is nocturnal emissions. A weak parasympathetic nerve can also result in the involuntary release of semen. Another common cause of this problem is congestive prostatitis.

A common cause of semen lea8kage is nocturnal emissions, commonly referred to as wet dreams. As the term suggests, this type of leakage occurs at night, specifically while a male is sleeping. An arousing dream can prompt semen to be released involuntarily, and the male will usually be unaware that it is happening until he wakes up. Nocturnal emissions are most common for pubescent and adolescent males and are considered a normal part of development.

What is the problem of leakage of sperm: One of the main causes of the leakage of semen is nocturnal emission or wet dreams. This condition, also called as night falls, refers to the uncontrolled erection and ejaculation during sleep. Wet dreams are completely normal in boys and are really part of normal sexual development. Even adult men can sometimes have involuntary ejaculation during sleep. Wet dreams do not require treatment unless they happen again and again.

A weak parasympathetic sexual nerve is considered one of the main causes of the problem of leakage of sperm in men. This branch of the autonomic nervous system is considered “pro-erection” and plays an important role in maintaining penile erection. The parasympathetic nerves release nitric oxide, which improves blood flow to the penis. Weakening these nerves can obviously cause many sexual problems like premature ejaculation, semen leakage and erectile dysfunction.

Excessive masturbation is another factor which may contribute to the leakage of sperm. Too much masturbation often leads to excessive secretion of neurotransmitters and sex hormones and the subsequent changes in body chemistry, which in turn gives rise to numerous sexual problems, including leakage of sperm. More masturbation also weakens your parasympathetic nerves. Other possible causes of the leakage of sperm include a lack of zinc, the use of anabolic steroids, physical or emotional stress, deformed genitals, smoking and excessive alcohol consumption. The leakage of semen can also be caused by a type of prostatitis known as congestive prostatitis.

Different Causes Semen Leakage

Non Healthy Diet4
Hormonal imbalance
Weak parasympathetic nerves (low blood flow) to the penis
Muscle weakness
Stress & depression
Excessive masturbation
Spinal cord Injury
Excessive intake of Alcohol
Zinc deficiency in body
Nocturnal emission or wet dreams (uncontrolled erection and ejaculation during sleep)

How Weak Erections Further Complicate the Problem:

Men with excessive seminal leakage will also experience weak erections. Pre-cum serves as the body’s personal lubricant, but it too carries with it testosterone needed to power an erection. When too much of the liquid is released from the body, an erection goes soft. Men looking to prevent a weak erection will often contract their P.C. muscles to keep an erection hard. This puts added stress on the prostate gland and trains the P.C. muscles to contract, which mimics a state of orgasm that opens the ejaculation valve.

How to deal with leakage of semen:

Now you have an idea what is the cause of the problem of leakage of sperm in men. Then you may want to know how to successfully treat this embarrassing condition. Try to reduce the frequency of masturbation. Strengthen the PC muscles can also help get rid of leakage of sperm. However, the simplest and most effective way to cure the problem of leakage of sperm in men is to take one or two capsules NF hardening twice daily with water or milk. This supplement herbal Ayurveda is composed of several different herbs that are rich with excellent aphoristic. NF heal capsule is also a good remedy for many other male sexual problems like premature ejaculation, low sperm count, lack of endurance, muscle weakness, fatigue and physical weakness.